I’m Done.

I’m done of trying to be nice with people who don’t deserve it.

I’m done of being all by myself mostly parts of my time.

I’m done of studying and keeping going bad at almost every subject.

I’m done of writing well only at my blog, and of writing poorly in all of my tests.

I’m done of talking about interesting things, but only be heard when I say shitty things.

I’m done of pretending to be strong when everything I wanted to do was to sit on a corner and cry until I make my own ocean.

I’m done of hear beautiful music, but realize that all these great singers are dead, and the living ones are, in most cases, terrible.

I’m done of all these political things, and all these people asking my opinion about it, as if I had to know everything about everything.

I’m done of talking about fantastic things that mostly people don’t understand.

I’m done of thinking this much and doing almost nothing.

I’m done of to continue writing about all the things I am made of.

I’m done of not having time to go to the movies, or to watch some movies, even on my couch.

I’m done of almost everything in my life, including this website.

I’m done of all these desires and dreams that obviously won’t be reality someday.

And, mainly, I’m done of being this done at the pretty f*cking awesome October.

Oh yeah, I went back to my roots and started writing in English all over again, like I used to at the beginning of 2010.

I’m not sad, depressive or anything… I’m just done of all this shits that keep going poorly instead of going gradually improving. I just can’t stand anymore all this sadness thing. I just want to come back to happiness. Back to the place that my hair orange made a bit of sense.